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Johari Habibi Sha Meri Ra

Johari has been the best choice for breeding real „tender“ arabians. She has a  gentle nature, is reffered to human beings, very respectful, an elfin beauty with a typey head and noble elegance. She combines Egypt, Polish and Crabbet blood lines with origins in Weil/Marbach and Babolna – her pedigree seems to connect all benefits of the Arabian horse and its history at a glance. Damline Murana I. Proven producer of premium foals.

She has been awarded ZSAA premium mare in 2015 with top ratings for type (8), conformation (8), correctness (8) and trot (8).

Johari Habibi Sha Meri Ra (DF Amal x Jadira II). Born 2010. CA/SCID free.
Bred by Sha Meri Ra Arabians, owned by Tender Arabians.
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GG Surinam

GG Surinam is a beautiful chestnut mare by Excalibur and Shambala, both champions, and herself a half sister to elite stallion El Mariachi. She combines „old Russian blood“, for example the century stallion Balaton, with the „modern type“ like Padrons Psyche. Russian related. Proven producer of premium foals. 

GG Surinam is ZSAA breeding mare with good rankings for type (8), conformation (7) and trot (7). 

GG Surinam (Excalibur x Shambala). Born 2008. CA/SCID free.
Bred by Gestüt Greifenstein, owned by Tender Arabians.
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Derya is a straight young russian mare with the special „Kubinec-look“. She is a great mover with a lot of type, very correct legs and body. She is very gentle and reffered to human beeings. Derya is an AF Vamoyo (AF Umoyo x Verdira) daughter out of Denira (Mir Khan/Mirok Monpelou x Desnica). 

Derya is ZSAA breeding mare with good rankings for type (8), conformation (7), correctness (7) and trot (7).

Derya (AF Vamoyo x Denira). Born 2013. CA/SCID free.
Bred by Pferdehof Neisslgut, owned by Tender Arabians.
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F&M Meshia

Meshia is a large, russian related young mare. She is well built and sportive, chestnut with white markings, liver chestnut as a foal. Her straight russian dam F&M Umojka has a lot of substance and powerful movements. Her sire BB Escondhio is a liver chestnut stallion, national and international medall winner and combines a special look with a good character, all the features of a good riding horse and size. 

Meshia is already show experienced (2nd place filly foals Tulip Cup 2016, National ECAHO B-Show Netherlands) with high scores for type (18.5), head (18.5), neck (18.25) and movement (18.25).  She has got elastic, powerful movements and an athletic body. She will join our breeding programme in future.

F&M Meshia (F&M Umojka x BB Escondhio). Born 2016. CA/SCID free.
Bred by Femke Maat, owned by Tender Arabians.
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Liyanah Johara

Liyanah Johara is the second foal of our premium mare Johari Habibi Sha Meri Ra. The strong filly by TM Lancelot was born in April 2017. As her half sister Jalala she is very curious and cool, but has a showy attitude as well. Liyanah Johara has been awarded ZSAA * premium filly.

Liyanah Johara, filly 2017 (TM Lancelot x Johari Habibi Sha Meri Ra)

Bred and owned by Tender Arabians.
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